General Information

The event plugin is highly tuned to provide a customized experience and notification system based on chat line events from the game.

It allows the user to make events that can use TTS, program execution and sound files.

You can view, compile or download the source from here: GitHub

To have discussions about this plugin please submit or reply to topics here.

  • NET 4.5
  • At least one .wav file in the same directory
  • All default files included in initial installation (includes one sound file)
Usage & Features

Coming soon(ish)!

Screen Shots

Please check below for more info.


This is the main area of the Event plugin.

Every event is saved as a Regular Expression. It currently offers options such as:

  • Category for grouping in the list.
  • How long you want to wait before performing the event after it’s matched something.
  • Expression match.
  • Sound file.
  • Volume percent.
  • TTS if you wish to have a spoken sound.
  • Speech rate.
  • Executable options such as running another program with command line arguments.

The buttons at the bottom are:

  • Refresh sounds list.
  • Remove selected event.
  • Add a new event or update one that is already selected.

When you select an event you can modify the different options for that even and update it.

Settings ➜ Main Settings

The main and only settings of this plugin allow you to set a global volume for all events. There is a button to test your setting.


Contains information such as version, copyright (if applicable) and allows a one-click link to open the source code repository on GitHub.

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